In What Order Should You Visit The Disney World Parks?

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Headed to Walt Disney World? As you prepare to visit some of the world's most famous theme parks, you'll have to make one crucial decision: what order should you visit the parks? While there is no one correct order, you can use a few key factors to help make the best decision for your family's enjoyment. Here's what you need to know to choose the best spot for each park. 

Magic Kingdom

Many people put the Magic Kingdom at the front of their itinerary, eagerly entering the most magical place on Earth on the first day. This can be a great start to your Disney adventure since it's the most iconic park. It's the place most people envision when they plan a Disney World trip. 

However, consider a strategy of putting it last on your itinerary. Saving the most iconic moments of the vacation until the end could make them stand out more in your memories later. It also allows the rest of the parks to get their due attention before you set your eyes on the famous castle. 


The best time for EPCOT depends on the makeup of your party. Although there are plenty of attractions and entertainment for everyone built into every park, EPCOT's focus is on more adult leisure activities than on kids' activities.

The world showcase's emphasis on food and beverages could make this a slower and less exciting day for kids. But adults may consider it one of the more memorable parts. Therefore, some families might use it as a slower, relaxing day after an exciting park like Magic Kingdom. Others consider it a half-day park with Hollywood Studios. 

Hollywood Studios

The smallest park in Disney World, Hollywood Studios, can be sandwiched in between other plans. Although the addition of Galaxy's Edge makes it a must-see for most families, it can be less exciting for both kids and adults. Fit in this park on a later day when you'd like to have a breather from the constant hustle and bustle. Some families even pair it with EPCOT, if time is limited. 

Animal Kingdom

Bookend your vacation with a trip to Animal Kingdom—either at the beginning or the end—opposite Magic Kingdom. Kids love all the animals, and the park has some of the best rides in its Avatar-themed attractions. This is a thrilling way to start your trip or end it on a high note. 

Where to Start

Clearly, a lot of factors go into finding the right order to see the Disney parks. Along with these recommendations, you must also consider things like how long each park stays open, the weather, crowd size, days of the week, and any jet lag you will experience. The best place to get help is with a professional Walt Disney World family vacation planner. 

Contact a local Walt Disney World family vacation planner to learn more.