Pontoon Boat Rentals Offer Relaxation And Sport In One Fun Package

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Vacations on and near a waterway can be greatly enhanced by pontoon boat rentals. Pontoon boats provide an opportunity to relax on a lake or enjoy watersports on a river, and for families, they allow for the enjoyment of multiple activities simultaneously so those with different interests can still enjoy the water together.

Boat rental basics

Many top travel destinations provide access to pontoon rentals on an hourly or daily basis. For afternoon excursions, an hourly rate is often sufficient for a brief picnic or a few hours of recreational boating for watersports. An all-day rental is better suited for a lengthy excursion with multiple planned activities. All-day rentals are also a great way to enjoy an event, such as fireworks over the water on select holidays or at destinations with regular shows. 

Renting a boat is a fairly straightforward process. Many locations require the renter to be at least 21 years old, similar to renting a car. The state equivalent of a boater's safety certificate is also required in most locations and for most age groups. Calling ahead to book a boat and place a deposit is the best way to ensure availability for a specific date, but some vacation destinations are able to support same-day rentals. Prepare to pay for both the boat usage and fuel. Boat rentals generally come with a full tank of gas, and the rental agency checks the tank upon return to determine the fuel charge. 

Activities for a pontoon boat

A traditional pontoon boat image is of pure lounging with boaters sunning, enjoying beverages, and snacking on board, but contemporary pontoons are much more than a floating platform. The increased horsepower of many modern boats makes them the perfect combination of power and comfort for a mixed-activity day. 

Water skiing no longer requires a potential powerboat and can be a fun activity for beginners and enthusiasts alike behind a pontoon boat rental. Other more leisurely water activities are also great options, such as tubing. Newer floating mats make it easy to extend the fun of the pontoon to the water's surface and let multiple adults drift on the waves while others play games in the water or on deck. Family favorites are often water versions of land sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and cornhole.

Safety considerations

The pontoon boat rental should come with life jackets suitable for all who are taking to the water on a given day, but it's always a good idea to bring a personal life jacket along if it is a better fit or uniquely suited to preferred activities. 

Always be mindful of the weather when boating, and contact the rental location should an unexpected storm pop up during the rental period and prevent you from returning to the dock right away. Rental sites can often share safety tips and help with navigating back home safely.

Contact a company that offers pontoon boat rentals to learn more.