Happy “One Day, One Eternity” Launch Day

The prequel to my debut novel, One Day, One Eternity, launches today!! It’s now available on Amazon (US) for 0.99 cents!

One Day, One Eternity is free to those who sign up for my Newsletter, which starts in earnest on August 1st. Get exclusive, behind-the-scenes content, promos, new book release information, and so much more!

In celebration of the launch, here is the first chapter of One Day, One Eternity! I really hope you like it!

Chapter One

Monday morning. Adrian Campos was a wanted man.

No, not that kind of wanted man. He’d done plenty of dumb things during his time at Peterson High School, but none so dumb that it landed him an indefinite sentence to Saturday detention. No, he was wanted for other reasons—the passionate, carnal kind. He wondered if this was how an antelope felt when it discovered the eyes of a hungry, stalking lioness. As he walked toward his locker, he found himself devoured by the ravenous gaze of girls standing nearby who locked him in their sights.

He might have found it flattering if he weren’t so uncomfortable.

His friends had warned him this might happen. Especially ever since Tanya Williams, co-captain of the varsity volleyball team with curves as dangerous as her serve, dumped him New Year’s Day. Sure, they’d only dated for like a month and a half, but it was a fun month and a half. And that midnight New Year’s kiss? Damn. The girl knew how to twirl her tongue in the sexiest of ways. But in the end, it was all for show. All she wanted was the satisfaction of telling her friends that she got a midnight New Year’s kiss from Peterson’s most desirable junior and once she got that, she cast him aside with a simple text—“we’re done.” When they returned to school the following week, Tanya made a concerted effort to ignore him. In her world, Adrian didn’t exist.

The rejection stung. But she wasn’t the first to pull that crap with him, and she wouldn’t be the last.

On the bright side (maybe?), there were plenty of others willing to take her place. That’s why all the girls were clamoring over him. He’d been single for three months—the longest he’d been without a girlfriend since freshman year. Not that being single bothered him. He’d forgotten how good it felt to just hang out with friends and live his life. From the jump, it seemed like high school was one steady stream of girls in front of his locker, twirling a lock of hair with a flirtatious finger, a pink tongue darting out and licking shiny, glossy lips. It wasn’t that he minded all the attention. It was good to be noticed—that’s what he told himself. And there was nothing wrong with a beautiful girl noticing you. But he was in no rush to get into another relationship. 

Tanya and her New Year’s kissing heist let him know that not all attention from women was good attention.

Unfortunately for him, the girls in the hallway weren’t concerned with that. Word on the street was that there were running bets to see who would be lucky enough to snag him next. Now, that was freakin’ hilarious. He knew damn well that guys were always taking those kinds of bets, some of which he betted on. But girls placing bets like that? That was news to him. Then again, what did he know about girls anyway? Well, there was one thing that he knew for sure. If the girls had their way, his single days were numbered.

But as all the girls looked at him, Adrian’s eyes were locked on her.

A smile spread across his face as that familiar figure came into view. She stood at the locker beside his, fishing for a book so big that it had every right to break her in half with ease. He watched as she stuffed it into her sleek black backpack, her hair put up in a cute, messy bun to keep her long and wavy dark brown tresses away from her eyes. Her black-rimmed glasses sat squarely on the bridge of her nose, large and nearly taking up most of her face. Yet somehow they didn’t take away from the soulfulness of her chocolate-brown eyes. In that black pullover hoodie two sizes too big for her, she’d be called a “plain Jane” by the people he hung out with. Hell, even her name was a bit plain—Kay Glenn. But she could have been wearing Prada and it wouldn’t make a difference. In his eyes, it was all the same.

She was beautiful. 

His friends would question his sanity if he admitted his crush out loud. They’d think he was an absolute weirdo for being enamored with a so-called nerd who never wore makeup, preferred comfort over couture, and had wavy hair for days. In their eyes, Adrian was too good for her. Adrian was supposed to date the “hot girls” like Tanya Williams, with their manicured nails, luscious flowing locks, and outfits straight out of a fashion magazine. But he couldn’t help himself. Whenever he looked at her, the world seemed to blur, and the other girls faded away. Only Kay remained, framed within a sweet, gentle softness fluttering within his heart, blissfully unaware of his admiration. 

“Morning, Kay.” Adrian watched as his locker mate fished out another large textbook. “Getting your morning workout, I see.”

“Workout?” Kay kept looking forward. Disappointment gnawed at him. “What do you mean? Gym isn’t ’til fourth period.”

“Hello? Those books you’re slinging are huge.” Could you please look my way already? “I should borrow one next time the workout room is closed. Do some arm curls with it.”

He watched as the corners of her mouth twitched. He willed himself to stay calm, playing it cool. But seeing her struggle to keep it together pleased him. Kay was such a calm person. A little too calm. She could stay completely neutral even in the most amusing situations. She mainly kept to herself, studying in the library, keeping conversations at a minimum, never getting in anyone’s business. Adrian respected that. High school could be such a messed up place where everyone vied for attention and validation. But it annoyed him too. He wanted her attention and validation, and she seemed content with never giving it to him.

“I saw that,” he pointed out. “One day, I’ll get that laugh.”

“Umm-hmm.” Adrian drew in a breath as Kay shut her locker, finally looking his way. At six-foot-two, he stood head and shoulders above most students, even with that halo of black curls that framed his face. But those round eyes and that small smirk on her face threatened to bring him to his knees. “We’ll see.”

“I guess we will.” The bell would ring at any moment, but Adrian was ready to risk drawing in the ire of the hall monitors just for another moment with Kay. But she’d never go for that. She was pretty serious about her studies, which meant she was never late for class. “See you at gym class later?”

“Unfortunately.” Adrian threw her a confused look.  Kay shrugged in response. “What? I’m not exactly good at sports like you are, Adrian.”

His heart skipped several beats. She said my name. “You don’t have to be good. Just good enough to get a good grade.”

“Right. I guess.” The warning bell rang out, putting an end to their brief conversation. With a small nod, Kay backed away. “Well, bye.”

He watched as she disappeared down a nearby stairwell. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his history book and made his way down the hall, the cold settling in. It was always like this whenever Kay left. An icy chill filled his entire body with an oppressive reminder of his cowardice. 

He could have any girl he wanted . . . and he wanted Kay. But Kay was the girl Adrian knew he could never have.

3 thoughts on “Happy “One Day, One Eternity” Launch Day”

  1. I looooved Prescription for a Lonely Heart and stayed up all night last night to finish it!!! Now I need mooore!!! Do you still give out free copies of the prequel? I would love to read more of them ❤ Congrats on this Rosalie!!!! You bet I'm gonna be waiting for your next published work ❤


    1. If you sign up for my mailing list, you can get a a free copy of “One Day, One Eternity”! Rest assured, I am working on the next novel (and maybe even another Adrian/Kay novel involving Granny!). Thank you so much for your kind words!


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