Updates from the Desk

I’ve been super busy with not one but two works-in-progress, and here I am about to start another one – novel that is. So here’s a quick update to let all of you know what I’ve been up to.

One Day, One Eternity, the prequel to my debut novel, has been sent to the editor for proofreading and formatting. As soon as I finish all that up, I intend to release it on kindle for cents. However, you will have the opportunity to get this prequel for free if you sign up for my newsletter, which I will have more info about in the coming week. Either way, I’m very excited about this release!

One Day, One Eternity leads into my debut novel, but it can be read as a standalone story.

As for the debut novel, I just finished my second round of edits today!

I’m going to do one more read through and if all is good, I’ll send it back to my editor. I’m shooting for a September release. In the meantime, I want to see if I can commission artwork for the time leading up to the release. I’ll keep you posted!!

It’s all coming together now, folks! July is going to be quite a month!!

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